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Maspeth, Forest Hills, Middle Village NY auto insurance

Auto insurance considerations

If get caught without auto insurance in Forest Hills NY, Glendale NY, Maspeth NY, Middle Village NY, Queens NY or Ridgewood NY you could face some problems. Worse will be if you were involved in a road accident. Apart from financial implications you might end up with a SR-22 status. Car insurance is affordable and Hughes Insurance can help you find best value insurance for your situation.

There are many components to auto insurance and the first one is liability cover. Liability insurance is part of your public and social responsibility as a vehicle driver. That is why auto liability insurance is compulsory in terms of the law. You must have at least the minimum legal level of liability cover; else you can find yourself on the wrong side of the law. That is never nice.

You also need to consider your own medical costs and vehicle damage should you be involved in a road accident. There are personal injury protection plans and your agent or broker can help you with that. Medical costs can be astronomical and if you don’t have the right cover you could end up in debt for the rest of your days.

Vehicle damage is also not to be taken lightly. Collision insurance will cover damages to your vehicle in the event of a road accident. If you don’t have collision insurance you will likely have to the bill for repairs or replacement out of your own pocket. There also add on options such as road side assistance, towing fees, car hire and alternative transport costs.

Auto insurance can also have clauses for other types of damage such as storm damage, vandalism, auto theft and so on.

If you want to be sure you have proper car insurance it is best to work with an accredited broker or agent, That way you will have peace of mind that you and your ride are covered for your real risks and perils.




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