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Insurance in Ridgewood, Queens, Forest Hills, Maspeth, NY

Get familiar with the different types of insurance policies

Insurance in the current era has become a necessity where Mother Nature, accidents, thieves and poor drivers are merely a handful of dangers that can upturn your life, thereby leaving you as well as your finances vulnerable. Though this may appear as a needless expense, but investing in it is the sole means of preparing for the worst. In fact, with countless hazards on the roads, the workplace and at home to stay prepared and protected is the key. No matter the type of coverage you need, we at Hughes Insurance can take care of your needs. The areas that we serve include Forest Hills, NY, Maspeth, NY, Middle Village, NY, Queens NY and Ridgewood NY.

The top 5 must have coverage plans

  • Personal injury- If you meet with an accident, you will not be capable of working for quite some time. The different personal injury claims comprise of accidents on a holiday, assault, tripping or road accidents. Anyone can meet with an accident, so having a personal injury insurance matters
  • Fire- Every property is at the risk of suffering from a fire outbreak, but the risk level will rest on the form of preventative measure which you have. To stay on the safe side and to avoid the financial burden on your shoulders invest in a fire insurance plan
  • Flooding- Nobody can escape from a natural disaster but as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. If you have a flood insurance coverage then it will help in making your recovery process smoother and thereby provide you complete peace of mind. Right from arranging for an alternative accommodation, conducting repairs and also replacing possessions if the need be will all be covered under this plan
  • Burglary- In today’s age nothing is certain. Crimes, burglary and break-ins have become commonplace. So to upgrade the security of your home it is wise in finding out what the homeowners insurance covers with regards to theft and burglary and consider to raise the coverage
  • Subsidence- Usually subsidence is related to the abodes on coastal edges, in mining regions or steep cliffs yet extreme climatic conditions like floods can also result in subsidence that can cause the walls to crack and damage the piping as well as outside areas of the home like the patio and the driveway that in turn affects the home’s foundation and putting the property and its inhabitants at risk. So getting it insured is vital

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