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Insurance in Forest Hills, Queens, Glendale, Ridgewood NY

Insurance for effective risk management and loss control

If you want best value insurance in Forest Hills NY, Maspeth NY, Middle Village NY, Queens NY or Ridgewood NY, then you should consult with Hughes Insurance agency. They are local independent agents and they will shop around for the best deals.

Best value insurance is about coverage, costs, service, reliability and trust. These are the ingredients you get when you deal with a trusted and recommended agent.   Since an independent agent work for you, you have provider client relationship. As your insurance provider, an independent agency will ensure you get the best coverage at the best price. That does not always translate to the cheapest price, but to the best price for your circumstances.

There are many branches to insurance. There are two main categories, commercial insurance and personal insurance. Commercial insurance deals with components or sub-categories such as BOP (Business Owners Policy), commercial auto, property insurance, business interruption, liabilities, professional indemnity, errors & omissions, workmen’s compensation, group medical and more. Commercial insurance also deals with specialised categories such as builders bonds, keyman policies, passenger liability and so on.

Personal insurance also has specific categories such as home insurance, car insurance, boat insurance, health insurance, travel insurance and life insurance.

Whatever the category or sub-category, insurance is about risk management or loss control. It works on the principle of dividing the risk among many. Insurance companies employ smart people such as actuaries and employ advanced mathematical models and statistical formulas to calculate and predict these things. They know everyone suffers some setback, some loss at some time. But they also know not everyone suffers a setback or loss at the same time. That is why by insuring millions they can cover the thousands.

What that means for you is that you can get inexpensive risk loss control by taking out the right insurance. You don’t win with insurance but it can make the difference between a small knock and losing everything. With proper insurance, you might still take a small knock but you will survive financially to fight another day.


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