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Glendale, Maspeth, Middle Village, Ridgewood, NY Insurance

A brief on the different types of insurance plans

Insurance is a form of financial product which assists people and businesses to protect them from unpredictable risks such as accidents, illness and fires. Considering the growing demand and the importance of these plans we offer a wide range of policies to help protect you against various forms of financial hazards. People residing in and around Forest Hills, NY, Maspeth, NY, Middle Village, NY, Queens NY and Ridgewood, NY can make the most of our coverage plans.

The different types of policies that we offer

  • Liability insurance- this plan will protect a policy holder from lawsuits pertaining to negligence, injuries and accidents.
  • Professional insurance- this plan specifically deals with professionals who offer services to clients. A professional liability generally crops up when an omission or error causes any form of harm to the client.
  • Property insurance- this plan will help to compensate policyholders should physical property such as inventory or buildings are damaged or lost due to perils such as storms, theft and fire. In fact, this coverage is crucial for a small business which have physical assets as a sole unexpected, such as a fire or a hurricane can lead to a huge financial loss
  • Car insurance- this plan is associated with all forms of motor vehicles. A car insurance plan will help to compensate a car owner for damage cars at the time of the accidents, against storms and fires and liabilities which take place because of operating the same. In fact, most states need automobile owners in buying a minimum auto liability insurance level while additional kinds of cover like fire coverage and collision coverage as well as other non-driving dangers are optional
  • Life insurance- it will offer compensation to dear ones during the demise of the policy holder. Life insurance is of two types, namely term life and whole life
  • Health insurance- this coverage will pay for the health care costs like prescription drugs, disease treatment, operations and cost of physician’s visits


No matter which form of coverage you need we will have you covered. So get in touch with us today.



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