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Forest Hills, Queens and Middle Village, NY car insurance

Important car insurance considerations

If you own a vehicle you should not be without car insurance. In fact, if you get caught driving without car insurance your license could be revoked and you could be ordered to obtain SR 22 or SR 44 certification. You don’t want that. Apart from the legal aspects, it would be financially foolish to risk driving without proper auto insurance. Hughes Insurance can organize you best value car insurance in Forest Hills NY, Maspeth NY, Middle Village NY or Queens NY.

The first thing you want from best value auto insurance is liability cover. This is also known as third party insurance. If your driving results in injury or damage to others you will be sued. The amount of money can run into hundreds of thousands if not millions. A liability suit can ruin you financially if you don’t have the right car insurance.

Liability insurance does not cover your own losses; it only covers third parties. So you will want your car insurance to cover your medical costs should you be injured in road accident or incident. This may be in the form of a personal injury protection plan. Good car insurance will also include a provision for collision damage. Any road accident is likely to result in damage to your vehicle and if you don’t want to pick up the tab for that you need collision insurance. In addition to the mentioned coverages you may want to consider other risks such as auto theft and possible storm damage. It may well be worthwhile having some form of comprehensive insurance.

Cost is another important consideration when it comes to car insurance. When you deal with an independent agent you will get the best price. An independent agent has access to various plans and will shop around to get you the best price for your circumstances and risk profile.



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