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Flood insurance in Forest Hills, Glendale and Queens, NY

Home insurance and flood insurance are often separate

One might think that home insurance and flood insurance go hand in hand, but that it not always the case. The risk of flooding is high and the costs associated with natural flooding so enormous that most carriers refuse to offer flood insurance. Hughes Insurance specializes in home insurance in Forrest Hills and can assist you with best value home insurance and flood insurance.

Home insurance covers your buildings and structures for specified risks such as fire, theft and accident. Home insurance generally covers buildings, appliances, carpets and furniture. Content coverage may have to be purchased separately and certain items such as paintings and jewellery may have to be specified separately.

Things that are often not covered include vehicles, decks, fences, plants, animals, pools and boats. In addition, most homeowner’s policies don’t cover flood damage. Water damage as a result of domestic flooding may well be covered, but natural flooding will likely be excluded. For flood damage you may need a separate policy and separate cover.

If you live close to water or in a flood zone you are at risk of suffering enormous property damage in the event of a windstorm or storm surge. You have to ask yourself “Am I covered for property damage as a result of flooding, windstorms or storm surges?”

It does not take much water to cause serious damage and the risk of flood damage is greater than ever, whether as a result of changing weather patterns, snow melts, flash floods or new land developments.

It is important that you are aware of any exclusions in your home insurance. An agent such as Hughes Insurance can help you with home and flood insurance and will make sure you have the cover you need to protect your financial for the real risks you as property owner face.










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