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Flood Insurance and Life Insurance in Arverne, Far Rockaway, Howard Beach, and Surrounding Areas

Are you a resident of Arverne, Breezy Point, Far Rockaway or Howard Beach, who is looking for a company that provides flood insurance at low premium rates? Yes? Then look no further and immediately get in touch with Hughes Associates Inc. We are one of those few insurance agencies in the above-mentioned areas that have an experience of around 50 years! Isn’t that quite a lot? And don’t you think you can rely on a company that is currently celebrating its golden jubilee which also proves its competency? If your answer to these questions is a yes, then waste no more time and contact us immediately!

What? Still quite skeptical about choosing our company? Well, in that case, here are a few more points that’ll give you brief details about our company. And yes, we are pretty sure that after reading these points, you’ll be bound to choose us over the other agencies. So, read on.

  • Get More options: Hughes Associates Inc is an independent agency, which is not tied to any particular insurance carrier. Therefore, unlike the other agencies, we don’t force/pursue our customers to purchase policies of any particular carrier. Instead, we provide them with a wide array of options so that they can choose the one that is ideally made for them.


  • Numerous Kinds of Insurances: If you are thinking that we just provide flood insurance, then you are mistaken. Here’s a list of other insurances that we provide to our customers:


  • Life Insurance
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance


  • Companies We Represent: All the companies that we represent are extremely popular in the USA. Hence, you don’t have to think twice before buying a flood, home or any other insurance from us. Some of the popular companies we represent include Arrowhead General Insurance Agency Inc, GEICO, Aipso, Munich RE, etc.

Now, are convinced to choose us over the other insurance agencies of Arverne, Breezy Point, Far Rockaway or Howard Beach? Yes? Then, immediately ring us at 718-456-8646.

Flood Insurance and Life Insurance in Arverne, Far Rockaway, and Howard Beach. Offering Homeowners Insurance, Auto Insurance, Annuities, Business & Commercial Insurance.

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