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Auto insurance in Forest Hills, Maspeth and Queens, NY

Auto insurance coverage and costs

Hughes Insurance offers best value auto insurance in Forest Hills NY, Middle Village NY and Queens NY. Best value insurance goes to coverage, cost, reliability and service. You get all these components when you deal with a recommended and accredited agent.

Auto insurance should at a minimum cover your liabilities. That means your liability to third parties should your driving result in damage or injury to a third person. A third person can also be a legal entity such as a company or an organization. This type of insurance is also known as third party insurance. In fact, liability insurance is compulsory in the state if New York. It is a good idea to carry your insurance card with you at all times.

Liability insurance only covers claims from 3rd parties. It does not cover your own damages or medical costs. You should cover yourself for vehicle damage sustained as a result of a car or road accident. This is known as collision insurance. It is also a good idea to have some type or personal injury protection plan to cover your medical costs should you need treatment after a road accident. Auto insurance can also cover things such as towage, car rental and alternative transport.

Coverage is one side of the coin. The other side is cost. We all want as much coverage for the least amount of cost. When it comes to auto insurance there are things you can bring to the table to lower your car insurance premiums. Positive factors such as a good driving record, a normal car, a good neighborhood, anti-theft devices will all help to lower your auto insurance costs.

Having multiple policies such as home insurance and auto insurance with the same carrier can sometimes qualify you for multiple policy discounts.



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